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Coaching that empowers individuals, families, and organizations to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential with world class motivation, mentor-ship, and materials.


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Is designed to empower you daily to reach your full potential.  Life can be filled with obstacles, both internally and externally, it is our aim to give you the tools you need to overcome those obstacles and to reach your full potential.


You have tremendous capacity!  The choice to become extraordinary is up to.  The tools to go from ordinary to extraordinary are available to you here at Coaching The Champion.


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Is a dedicated extension of Coaching The Champion.  It is the Original Campus Program of Coaching The Champion, started to reach the youth of America with a message of hope.   Richard started this program to empower students he was working with on a daily bases who were facing extraordinary challenges.  It quickly became a life changing effort and has been experienced nationally and internationally since 1991.


There are programs designed for students from Elementary to University settings.  Including staff training, keynote conference events, and life coaching as available options.  Programs that empower students in the context of their setting to make safe, productive teaching environments that add to the learning experience and make the difficult task of educating in the most challenging of educators era easier to achieve.



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Richard Thomas Ministries


RTM is the ministry efforts of Richard Thomas Online.  It is a non denominational evangelistic and leadership development ministry.


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We  strive to do our best to demonstrate faith, hope and love through our ministry.

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In July of 2012 Christie Thomas, co founder of Richard Thomas Online, suffered a life changing Traumatic Brain Injury.  At just 39 years of age, this world class woman entered into the fight of her life.  Winning the battle over death but continuing to fight to recover she needs your support.   Christie is a wife and mother, daughter and sister, aunt and friend. In late July, Christie suffered a brain aneurysm. She had major brain surgery, and against all odds showed her strength and will to live. In September, she was in rehabilitation making good progress, when she suddenly suffered a second bleed on her brain. She was rushed into emergency brain surgery with little hopes of survival. Yet again, Christie was determined to live. She fought to survive and now continues the fight of her life. Christie is now located in Federal Way at a long term care facility. She is breathing on her own and communicating.  Her speech and movement are improving and her interaction with the world around her expanding.  She is a true testament to the power of a faith, hope and love.


27 years ago, Christie and Richard met and as young teenagers, they fell in love. During college, Richard and Christie married and started a family. They now have three beautiful children – MaRyann Thomas (19), Richard Lee Thomas IV aka Blue (16) and Peyton Thomas (10).


Christie has poured her heart and soul into her children, and until her illness, she was heavily involved in her children’s school activities. She also has a strong passion for bringing awareness to human trafficking in Washington State and played an instrumental role in developing programs that continue to make significant impact in our community. It’s their everlasting faith that keeps their relationship, love and fight for life resilient and strong. Through it all, they live by their mission statement ‘We are one and our love never fails’.


If you would like to make a gift to support  Christie and her family along this journey of recovery you can donate here Via the PayPal account Donate link below.  You can also email a request for information on how you can make a direct deposit or where to send your check or gift.   Thank you.


                     Necessary contact information is below.

Richard Thomas

1211 216th Ave NE

Sammamish, WA 98074

602-502-0892 or 253-234-4830